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Welcome to the second edition of Ask An Eddie! Thank you all for your questions and we hope we can be of some kind of service to you all. We have an email in which you can send your questions to and just as before everything will remain completely anonymous unless permission granted from the sender. Please feel free to send us an email anytime asking any kinds of questions you please. Having relationship troubles? Ask an Eddie! Struggled with managing your study time? Ask an Eddie! We welcome all questions and would love to help out our fellow classmates! Send questions to or leave them in the comments below.

1)Dear Ask an Eddie,

The end of the quarter is approaching and I want to know, what is the best way to manage my time in order to get all my work done on time?


Dear Anonymous Friend,

I would suggest getting it done as soon as possible. I know it may be difficult to stop procrastinating, but if you don’t do your work right off, you’ll end up more stressed. If you have a lot of work to do, take short breaks in between subjects or after every hour or so that you spend working. If you’re still struggling with getting your work in on time, talk to a teacher for some help.


Dear Anonymous,

The sooner you get the work done the better. This is an issue I have been working on myself for quite some time now. I always do everything last minute and although it’s done and in, I know I could’ve done better. Don’t stress about it though, stressing about it just makes it worse. You just need to motivate yourself to get it done. I personally love my music, it makes me get off my toosh and motivates me to do something. You ever see those little videos or postings about how chores are better with music? Maybe homework is too, at least for me. Teacher’s say it’s a distraction, but I call it my motivation. If you don’t like music find something you do like. Even watching TV, people say is distracting, but sometimes background noise or just something playing can help. Just get yourself alone with something you like and get that work done! Take breaks and stay focused. Ask friends for help or if you feel home is a distraction, stay after school. I’ve done that before and being here keeps me in school mode and I actually get the work done. You can do it!


2) Dear Eddies Advice,

A lot of my friends say my boyfriend is fake just because he is out of state. I’m fine with my long distance relationship, but what should I do about my friends?



Dear FDK,

That is a pretty tough situation. I also know what you’re talking about, but slightly different. I have a friend who lives out in Denmark and another in the UK and some people believe that I’m making them up because I don’t have many friends. I think if your friends don’t believe you, then maybe they aren’t the good friends you thought they were. Who cares if they believe you? The important thing is that you’re happy. You know he’s real, which is the only thing that matters. Then someday, if he ever comes around, you can rub it in their faces. I wish you the best of luck, just keep your head high and ignore the people who doubt you.


Dear FDK,

All that really matters is how you feel. It’s your relationship, not your friends’. Unless they are fearing for your safety or have other legitimate concerns, they shouldn’t have anything to say about it. If they’re really bothering you over it, you should have a conversation with them. But whatever you do, don’t break up with him over what your friends think (once again, unless they have real concerns). I hope all will work out for you.



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