Ask an Eddie: Peer Pressure, Teacher Opinions, and Family Conflicts

Hey you! I can see you glancing at this article debating on what to click on. You better be clicking on this. It’s getting real! Welcome to the sixth edition of Ask an Eddie. Where we strive to help our fellow classmates with both school and personal issues. Let’s get weird guys, just ask any questions you want! Forgot how to tie your shoes? Ask An Eddie! Don’t know how to confront a friend? Ask An Eddie! Struggling with keeping organized? Ask An Eddie! Everything is anonymous unless permission granted otherwise. Leave a comment below or email us as You can do it!

1) Dear Eddies Advice,

    I’ve been struggling with a lot of peer pressure lately. My friends have been pushing me to join them on the weekends to go to a friend’s house. I know what they do there and I don’t like it at all, but I can tell my friends are getting mad at me for being busy each time. I’m running out of excuses, but I don’t want them to hate me. What do I do?

-Feeling Pressured

Dear Feeling Pressured,

    I’m going to be straightforward with you because these kind of people get on my nerves. They aren’t real friends if they hate you for standing up for yourself. You shouldn’t be forced into something that you don’t want to do or could hurt you. I’ve been there before and because of a medical issue I know it would not be safe for me. I felt bad about not being in that group, but they made me feel even worse by putting me down for it. Tell them you have no desire to be a part of their activities and if they put you down, just walk away. It’s always good to be a little sassy and confident in your choice because it is your life and the moment you let that guard down they’re going to get to you. Stick it to the man my friend!


2) Dear Eddies Advice,

    It seems as if my teacher dislikes me. I feel singled out every class and overall I feel targeted and picked apart. I’m graded so tough and always called out for messing things up and no one else is. It’s really starting to get on my nerves, but I don’t want to lash out and get in trouble. What do I do?

-Fed Up

Dear Fed Up,

    Take a step back and look over everything. Sometimes we over exaggerate how things are. Really pay attention, maybe your teacher does it to other students as well. Also, look at yourself. I know some students who complain about the same thing, when in reality they just don’t pay attention or participate and it’s their own fault.

If you’re a good student, though, and it really seems like that is what’s happening maybe try switching out of the class and if you can’t talk to the teacher? Ask them if you’ve done something or what you can do. I wouldn’t stress it too much though because it’s just going to make matters worse. I get it you don’t want to lash out as well, I’ve been to that point as well. Just take a deep breath and look at all your options. You can come back and vent here anytime you need to as well!


3) Dear Eddies Advice,

    My friend is going through a really rough time right now and I don’t know how to help. I don’t deal with drama well and don’t understand her situation at all because I’ve never been through it or anything like it. I feel bad and just feel like I’m letting her down. How am I supposed to help her?

-Hopelessly Confused

Dear Hopelessly Confused,

    Do not feel bad, first of all. We can’t always understand what someone is going through and, yes, it’s not the greatest feeling when you know there is nothing you can do, but you have to do what you can. Sometimes the best you can do is just be there for them and let them talk it out. Let them know that although you may not understand, you are going to be there for them in any way that you can be. Ask what they need and if they don’t know, offer a hug instead and assure them you will be there for them when they need you. Do not feel bad though, it isn’t your fault and you have to realize that as well. I hope it works out for the both of you and let me know if there is anything else I can do.


4) Dear Eddies Advice,

    Lately I’ve been really struggling. I have a lot of parts of my life everywhere and it’s hard to decide where to go. Like one weekend I have so many choices on where to go and who to visit, but I always feel like I’m choosing the wrong one and I’m letting others down. Any advice?

-Family Struggles

Dear Family Struggles,

    I am in the same boat. I do not live with either parent and when different options come up I don’t know where to go and I hate choosing one thing over another. You shouldn’t feel bad, though. I know that if I have the option to visit either parent, but I’m needed at home to watch kids, yeah it sucks, but I’m okay with it now because I will have more chances in the future to go see them. Don’t sweat it so much. It more or less seems like you’re overthinking it. I do that all the time, and trust me, once you step back and assure yourself that it’s okay, you’ll feel a heck of a lot better! Good luck!


5) Dear Eddies Advice,

    My mom and I have been at each other’s throats lately. I don’t live with her, which you would think would help, but even then it seems like we’re always fighting and, whenever I visit, we fight more. I just don’t know what to do. What do you think?


Dear Anonymous,

    I know you can’t tell, but I’m sighing in relief that I’m not the only one struggling with a parent. I’ve worked most of it out, but it is a process. First thing to think about, she’s your mom. You both are required to love each other unconditionally and you shouldn’t spend your time fighting. Think about what you’ve been fighting about and try sitting down alone with her to talk it out the best you can. Half the time, I don’t even know what my mom and I are fighting about! I brush it off and move on and try not to let it get to me because it just isn’t worth it. I hope you can work things out, I really do. If it doesn’t, just come back here!


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