Annabelle: The Haunted Doll

By Haley Knowlton, ’17

Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton star in "Annabelle," the latest horror film from producer James Wan.

Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton star in “Annabelle,” the latest horror film from producer James Wan.

During the month of October more and more horror movies are released. But from those many, “Annabelle” rises above the fray and is a genuinely  suspenseful horror movie.

In “Annabelle,” the most recent film by producer James Wan of “Saw” and “The Conjuring” fame, John and Mia Gordon (played by Ward Horton and Annabelle Wallis, respectively) are expecting their first child, and they get into an argument when John doesn’t show enough enthusiasm about the baby. As a way to make up, John gives Mia a porcelain doll named Annabelle that Mia had been trying to find for years. Shortly after, Mia is brutally attacked by two members of a satanic cult. Following the attack, the Annabelle doll becomes possessed by a demon that will only stop when it consumes a willing soul.

After the attack, the movie becomes more suspenseful than violent. Wallis could not have been a better fit for Mia. Wallis knew just how to react with the right amount of fear or panic to the satanic events surrounding her. When she was in a scene you knew she was going to play her part very well. Horton, on the other hand, had his ups and downs. While he was playing John, he was convincing maybe half of the time. There were times when you’d believe he was really into his role and other times when he wasn’t as convincing.

The camerawork was on point, the director knew what to show on the screen at just the right times. The editors for the movie did a nice job, it flowed well from scene to scene not making the film choppy. The music in this film helped build suspense, it was a perfect balance of using music to improve scenes when needed and not getting in the way of letting the actors show their fear.

The sets and costume designs worked well together to portray the late ’60s era the movie was set in. These also helped determine more about the characters and the everyday life they went through, you could tell that the Gordon’s weren’t extremely wealthy but well off enough that they could support their little family.

James Wan combined all of these elements into a suspenful horror movie that is worth seeing.

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