Alice 19th: Fun Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

By Shayna Barnhard

Alice 19th, a series available in the EL library, is an interesting, engaging read.

Alice 19th, a series available in the EL library, is an interesting, engaging read.

At the beginning of the school year, during study hall, I went to the school library to check out a book.  At first,I didn’t know what I wanted to read.  I also went to clean up the library a little.  It turned out Ms. McCurdy needed someone to organize the manga from the graphic novels.  As I was organizing, I found this manga “Alice 19th.”  It seemed interesting, so I checked out the first book and read it.  It was different from other mangas I’ve read, but it was good.  As I read the other books, it got better and better.

“Alice 19th” is about a 15-year-old girl named Alice who, while walking to school, saves a rabbit from getting run over.  After she saves the rabbit, Alice receives a bracelet with a red stone on it.  It’s revealed the white rabbit isn’t any ordinary one, she reveals her real form, a little girl with rabbit ears, dressed in robes, named Nyozeka.  Nyozeka tells Alice that she’s destined to be a Lotis Master and the stone on Alice’s bracelet is one of the Lotis word “Rangu,” the 19th Lotis meaning “courage” (now you know why the series is called Alice 19th).

The Lotis Words are 24 words the Lotis Masters use to enter the Inner Heart, and heal the darkness in a person’s soul.  The darkness in a person comes from the Mara Words, which is the opposite of the Lotis.

My favorite character in the series would most likely have to be Frey, a Lotis Master from Norway.  Although, there are two characters that I can relate with.  The main character Alice because I usually don’t express myself much and I prefer to keep quiet, and Chris, a Lotis Master from England, because he’s a BIG sweet tooth, and so am I.

If you like anime, romance, fantasy, or all of the above, this is your book.

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