A Town Called Urine

"Urinetown" wowed our reviewer with spectacular musical numbers and great technical work.

“Urinetown” wowed our reviewer with spectacular musical numbers and great technical work.

By Alex Lally, ’14

It’s hard to think of the idea to pay to use the bathroom. “Urinetown,” written by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis, takes that idea to an extreme satirical way. This adaptation was put on this past weekend by the Edward Little High School Drama Club and starred students Patrick Buzza, Paige Webber, Ally LaVerdiere, Matt Taylor, Liam Webster, Owen Kane, Jonathan Guy, Tynan Collins, and more.

“Urinetown” follows the story of an unnamed town in a dystopian future where the town’s water supply is very limited and people have to pay to use the bathroom to preserve nice, clean water. It’s just an ordinary day at Public Amenity #9 and naive janitor Bobby Strong (Buzza) is just doing his job. However, on this day Bobby’s dad, Old Man Strong, decides to rebel and pee on the streets. Pennywise (LaVerdiere), calls in officers Lockstock & Barrel (Taylor & Webster) to take Old Man Strong to Urinetown. Bobby is enraged by this and starts to question the right to pee. Bobby meets a girl named Hope (Weber) who shows him to follow his heart and Bobby decides to rebel against Urine Good Company.

The cast gave magnificent performances with Buzza and Webber easily the highlights of the cast. The musical numbers are some of the best I’ve heard in a musical in quite a while with “Follow Your Heart,” “Run, Freedom, Run!,” and “I See a River,” being my personal favorites.

The production values were spectacular. The set was well-crafted and sound was excellent. You could hear everybody clearly, and the lighting was especially good on certain musical numbers, such as “Mr. Cladwell” and “Cop Song.” This all couldn’t be done without the help of the tech crew consisting of Faith Daye, Dillon Tannenbaum, Gareth Robinson, Katie Cowan, Patrick Cowan, and Emma Wood.

Overall, “Urinetown” was an excellent production for the Drama Club and may be on par with last year’s “Little Shop of Horrors” as their best musical. If you had the chance to see it, then consider yourself lucky.

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