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Edward Little Goes Green(house)

By Ashley Bowden, ’14

Students in Kim Finnerty's Chemistry Through Agriculture class plant seedlings in the new greenhouse.

Students in Kim Finnerty’s Chemistry Through Agriculture class plant seedlings in the new greenhouse.

In the past year, Edward Little High School has added a unique, interactive hands on class to the schedule. Science teacher Kim Finnerty’s Chemistry through Agriculture class built and is now running a brand new greenhouse.

“The greenhouse is part of the agriculture in the classroom grant that I wrote,” Finnerty said. “I wrote the grant because I believe agriculture is a way I can engage students in the subject of chemistry. The agriculture students are using it to germinate seeds. These seeds will become vegetable and flower plants that will then be given to area schools and non-profit organizations for their raised bed gardens.”

Increased Number of Underclassmen Graduating Early

By Aisha Ali, ’14

In previous years, graduating early was uncommon. Now, students are warming up to the idea of leaving high school early. This year marks  the most underclassmen graduating early, according to Assistant Principal Steve Galway. There are five juniors graduating: Zachary Hurd, Mohamed Mohamed, Nina Wallingford, Nicole Morin, and Rahma Ali [ed. note: Rahma is the younger sister of writer Aisha Ali].

“The reason I am graduating early is because I feel like I’m ready to move on,” said Hurd. “I really wanted [a] chance to see how I could do academically by taking some college courses. Once I saw that I was able to succeed in [those classes], I decided to get my diploma and not delay my higher education.”

The New York Experience: EL Students Travel to Big Apple

By Trevor Laliberte

The view of the city from the Top of the Rock, 70 floors up.

The view of the city from the Top of the Rock, 70 floors up.

Forty Edward Little music students, myself included, were in New York City last month for four days of musical and non-musical learning experiences alike, as well as a day on Broadway and every cliché tourist attraction in the Big Apple.

Students Get Dose of Reality at Mock Accident

By Ashley Bowden, ’14

IMG_3053 (2)

ELHS strives to show students the dangers of drinking and driving by teaming with a full team of local first responders, even a medical helicopter, to make his Mock Accident as realistic as possible

Every two years, during prom season, Edward Little High School conducts their annual Mock Accident. The program recreates a fatal accident to show students the consequences of drinking and driving. Last week, as students came upon the dramatic accident scene in the lower parking lot, they saw two wrecked vehicles, one flipped on its roof, with multiple students injured and one lying “dead” on the asphalt, covered in fake blood.

“It was very realistic,” said senior Brei Cote. “Definitely showed people the reality of what can happen if you drink and drive. It’s no longer a joke.”

Blowin’ in the Wind: Waterville Relays

The Edward Little track team persevered through cold, windy weather on April 24 to compete at the Waterville Relays. The effort paid off, though as the boys team came in third, out of 14 teams, with 99 points, while the girls came in second, with 99 points as well.