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Ask an Eddie: Future Idols, Friends in Love, and Finding Time

Yeah that’s right, I’m still here! You all still get to hear my wonderful and blunt advice! Anyway, welcome to the Eddies Advice column. Ask anything you wish and it will be answered! Want to know how to do that math problem you just can’t seem to solve? Ask An Eddie! (Eddies Echo is not responsible for wrong answers). Need to know how to get yourself organized for that upcoming test? Ask An Eddie! Let’s have some fun, send us whatever you want to know! Email us at or leave a comment below!

1) Dear Eddies Advice,

Everyone in my family  is telling me to go on American a Idol when I’m 16 and that I will make it but I’m not sure what to do. They all say I’m a great singer. I. Think I’m good but I have slight stage fright. I don’t like having all eyes on me but I think I should do it. What do you think?

-The Apparently Talented

Adventures of Tintin Sequel in the Works

Peter Jackson will direct the sequel to "The Adventures of Tintin."

Peter Jackson will direct the sequel to “The Adventures of Tintin.”

By Shayna Barnhard, ’15

In my last article, I mentioned how, in 7th grade, I was introduced to one of my now favorite book characters, Tintin, through the movie that came out in 2011.The director and producer Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson will now be making a second Tintin movie.

Before I begin, I just wanted to say that I didn’t talk much about the first movie in my article, but the first movie was awesome!  The CGI in the film was amazing.  Once I started reading the books, I realized there were so many references to the books in just the beginning credits.  For example, on the train dashboard, surrounding the name of the person is the names of the all the places Tintin travels to in the books; China, San Theodoro, Syldavia, the Moon, etc.  There’s so many other references but I won’t spoil anymore from the movie.  Let’s see if you can spot them.  

The “Devil” Has Risen (And so has Chiodos)


By Trevor Laliberte, ’16

Normally, I avoid pre-ordering albums on iTunes. It’s never been appealing to me to be able to download one song from an album before the release date. I was led into temptation, however, when the new Chiodos album was announced.

“Devil” is the first Chiodos release with original members Craig Owens and Derrick Frost since 2007’s “Bone Palace Ballet.” The world has been waiting seven years for this. On top of the band’s original member reunion, the group has also welcomed former Fall of Troy frontman Thomas Erak to the band as lead guitarist, and the album was engineered by Maine native Josh Wilbur. Needless to say, this is an exciting mix of people making music together.

Edward Little Likely Changing Finals Week

By Aisha Ali, ’14

As a movement towards Mass Customized Learning, Edward Little High School is exploring eliminating finals week starting next year, which in turn would likely mean no more exemptions from finals for students.

“[ Finals week] is outdated, it was something that served its purpose in the olden days,” said Steve Galway, assistant principle of Edward Little High School.

“I Hated Myself as Much as They All Hated Me”: How Bullying Tore Apart the Life of One EL Student

By Ashley Bowden, ‘14, and Rahma Ali, ‘15

This post, and the following response, sparked a string of online bullying directed at Rousseau. It was the latest attack in what has become a years long battle with bullying.

This post, and the following response, sparked a string of online bullying directed at Rousseau. It was the latest attack in what has become a years-long battle with bullying.

During her freshman year, Edward Little High School senior Tori Rousseau said she overheard a boy threatening to push a blind student down the stairs, saying, “She won’t even see it coming.” Rousseau told the boy “to grow up and act his age,” she said.

She didn’t realize, in that moment, that her attempt to stop the harassment would affect the rest of her high school years and that trying to help someone else would end up coming back to harm her in the end. “The bullies would tease these students, so I said something, but it backfired on me and I became their next victim,” she said.

Young adults are always encouraged to stand up and speak out against bullying. They are expected not be bystanders, but to be the solution. Contrary to most adults’ beliefs, it’s not taking action that scares teens, it’s the fear of becoming the next target.

The Trials “Of Mice and Men”

Mock Trial

Jennifer Braunfels, center, held a mock trial in her junior American Literature class, where students debated the guilt or innocence of characters in John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men.”

By Aisha Ali, ’14

On March 13, Jennifer Braunfel’s American Literature and Composition class held a mock trial of the characters of John Steninbeck’s novel “Of Mice And Men.”

Braunfels holds a mock trial every year, but this is the first year she has held a mock trial on the book “Of Mice and Men”. “The kids love it. This year I decided to also have one for Of Mice and Men because the students said they liked the last mock trial so much,” said Braunfels.