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Aspirations High and Abroad: EL Grad, Current Ambassador to Haiti, Returns to Tell of Life in Foreign Service

Haitian Ambassador and Edward Little alum Pamela White speaks to students about her experience in the foreign service.

Haitian Ambassador and Edward Little alum Pamela White speaks to students about her experience in the foreign service.

By Alex Lally

Edward Little alumni Pamela White, the current U.S. ambassador to Haiti, paid a visit to the school recently to speak to students about her time in the foreign service and to inspire them to meet their goals.

White gave a speech in the gymnasium on March 14, telling of her journey from the Peace Corps to ambassador to Haiti, a variation of a speech that she had recently given at a fundraiser in Hollywood that featured movie stars such as Sean Penn. White came to EL thanks to a State Department program that allows ambassadors and others in the foreign service to travel back to their hometowns to speak about their experiences.

Morrill Obligations: Assistant Principal Retiring

Assistant Principals Steve Galway and Leslie Morrill before the Food Drive Rally in the fall.

Assistant Principals Steve Galway and Leslie Morrill before the Food Drive Rally in the fall.

By Trevor Laliberte, ’16

While the school has known about Assistant Principal Steve Galway retiring since the beginning of the year, it has only recently come to light that another long-time assistant principal, Leslie Morrill, is also retiring.

She’s currently on medical leave but is coming back full time in April to finish business with the mentor program, graduation, and teacher appraisal before she retires at the end of the year. As of right now, the head of the special education department, Scott Annear is substituting while she’s out and plans on taking her place next year.

Morrill has always been very involved in her job due to her passion for her students, and being involved has taken its toll. Seven or eight years ago, she fell and landed on her neck while trying to stop a fight between two students. Since the original incident, she has had repeated injuries to the neck while on the job, making it difficult to work the way she wants, she said.

Ask an Eddie: Peer Pressure, Teacher Opinions, and Family Conflicts

Hey you! I can see you glancing at this article debating on what to click on. You better be clicking on this. It’s getting real! Welcome to the sixth edition of Ask an Eddie. Where we strive to help our fellow classmates with both school and personal issues. Let’s get weird guys, just ask any questions you want! Forgot how to tie your shoes? Ask An Eddie! Don’t know how to confront a friend? Ask An Eddie! Struggling with keeping organized? Ask An Eddie! Everything is anonymous unless permission granted otherwise. Leave a comment below or email us as You can do it!

1) Dear Eddies Advice,

    I’ve been struggling with a lot of peer pressure lately. My friends have been pushing me to join them on the weekends to go to a friend’s house. I know what they do there and I don’t like it at all, but I can tell my friends are getting mad at me for being busy each time. I’m running out of excuses, but I don’t want them to hate me. What do I do?

-Feeling Pressured

Sheldon Goes Out With A Bang!

EL senior Sheldon Bang wrestles Dakota Jacques from Mountain Valley, Dec. 14, 2013, in the 138lb weight class. – Photo Courtesy of Sheldon Bang

Sheldon Bang, senior at Edward Little High School, ended his final wrestling season with his 100th match victory on Jan. 15, and on Feb. 15 he became the Class A State Champion.

Bang has been wrestling on and off for around nine years, five of them with a youth wrestling program and the other four high school. “I love the competition. No other sport matters as much on an individual level as wrestling does, in my opinion,” Bang said. “When it comes to performance it’s just your skill against the other opponents skill, your success doesn’t depends on how well the rest of the team performs.”

Sheldon, along with his brothers Steven, Shawn, and Skyler, started wrestling as child. “We all started wrestling at the young age, following in our father’s footsteps who also wrestled in high school,” Bang said. 

Pinterest: The Image of Addiction

imageNever has gathering a collection of pictures been this addicting. Pinterest, the online pinboard chronicling user interests, has grown into a prime destination on the web. It’s a place where creativity is most prominent and greatly admired.

EL Students Make Way to Television

Alex Brushwein and Sidney Beesy compete on the game show MEST Up.

Alex Brushwein and Sidney Beesy compete on the game show MEST Up.

Two Edward Little High School seniors were recently featured on MestUp, a local game show that highlights science, technology, engineering and mathematics. On Jan. 18, seniors Sidney Beesy and Alex Brushwein filmed at WPXT studios in Westbrook for the second episode of the season.

No Gold Statue for this Oscar Ceremony

By Alex Lally, ’14

The 86th Academy Awards ceremony came and went Sunday night and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. First off, I was angry when “Gravity” swept most of the technical categories. Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects are the only awards that it should have won. However, Best Cinematography and Best Original Score are totally pathetic. I didn’t know that green screen counted as “cinematography” and the score wasn’t even that great, pretty generic in my opinion.


Ellen’s selfie with movie stars at the Oscars became the most shared photo ever on Twitter.

Ellen DeGeneres was okay as a host. She definitely had some highlights such as the infamous group-selfie with celebrities in the front row and her 1,000 dollar tip for pizza was hilarious. However, for most of the show she just seemed awkward. DeGeneres made a joke of how Liza Minnelli doesn’t look like Liza Minnelli, but a guy in drag as Liza Minnelli. DeGeneres also made a joke about Jennifer Lawrence falling from last years 85th Oscars, and if Lawrence should win “I think we should just bring you the Oscar.”

“Nebraska” and “Saving Mr. Banks” should have won the awards, respectively. Thomas Newman, who wrote the score for “Banks,” now has twelve nominations for Best Original Score without a win. At this point, the academy is just screwing with him.

Best Picture was a gimme, with “12 Years a Slave” winning. I do agree with this decision and everybody should see “12 Years” due to it being the most realistic portrayal of slavery in a film.