Veterans Share Experiences of Life at War

Last week, Ms. Braunfels’ American Literature classes hosted local veterans to share their experiences at war. The students were studying war literature, and the veterans spoke to the classes about their time serving in the military, their wartime experiences and how it affected them after returning home, and more.

Friday Morning News – 5-31

In this week’s edition, we highlight the work of the Cultural Think Tank, a new group dedicated to improving school culture. We also show the first image of the new school concept design, as well as highlight student successes in the Bridge Program and athletics.

Many Early College Options are Available to EL Students

Recently, students Madeline Duff, Sophie Bilodeau, and Katherine Gilpatrick spoke to the Eddies Echo about their experiences taking advantage of Early College options available to them through partnerships between Edward Little and local colleges.

Students were able to get a jump start on college and save money on college courses while still getting support from academic counseling options at the high school. Some students jumped completely into the college experience, while others took a few classes at a college while still attending EL. They were also still able to take advantage of sports, clubs, and extra-curriculars at EL while pursuing college options.

If this is an opportunity that interests you, speak to Mr. Horn in Aspirations or your guidance counselor.

Friday Morning News 5-17

In this week’s extended edition of the news, we highlight today’s Community Service Day, a new outing club, a proposed outdoor education credit recovery program, and more.

We also try out a new show format with four different anchors this week. We’ve got some technical work to do to streamline that process, but let us know what you think about the new format.

Thanks for watching, and have a great day.

Friday Morning News 5-10

In the latest edition, we learn that Broadcast Media advisor Shawn Rice was named Androscoggin County Teacher of the Year, and we highlight a student intern working at Globe manufacturing here in Auburn, where he’s learning how to create fire safety equipment, and where there are other opportunities available for students.

Friday Morning News 5-3

In the news this week, we have details about a number of exciting opportunities for students. There’s special report from UMA about the Bridge Program, which allows juniors and seniors early access to college courses. We also highlight other options for students, such as the new drone piloting program next year, as well as an education course through a partnership with UMF, and more.

The End of the World as We Know It–A Preview of Avengers: Endgame

Senior Aaron Coffin digs into what to expect from Avengers: Endgame, which premiered this weekend to over $350 million at the US box office.

Friday Morning News 4-12

In this week’s edition, we highlight recent student athletic and artistic successes, profile the Graphics Art program, and more.

In program news, today’s edition features original opening and end credit music by senior Nick Hartley, and our anchor, Nick Stilphen-Leon, is working for the first time with our brand new teleprompters.

Thanks for watching. If you have any suggestions or ideas for stories, contact any Broadcast Media student or Mr. Rice or Mr. Dudley.

Friday Morning News – 3/15

The latest edition of the Friday morning news is a special extended edition, with news of the recent success of the One Act Team at regionals, information from teachers about new business management, sports management, and precision manufacturing course offerings for next year, a glimpse of an elaborate lab project in science classes, and more.

Green Day Highlights Mental Health and EL’s Talent

Green Day, the Winter Carnival week’s nod to mental health awareness, saw students and staff come in covered in green. Later in the day, students and staff showed their stuff at a talent show with an impressive range of acts, from singers to magicians to fiddlers.

Winter Carnival wraps up today, with a pep rally at the end of the day where we’ll see if the faculty manages to keep the lead.