Post Malone Gets Paranoid

by Jakeel Polley, ’21

This week, Eddies Echo music reviewer Jakeel Polley examines Post Malone’s “Paranoid.”

A Tour of the Bates College Museum of Art

by Abdi Jibril, ’19

Anthony Shostak, the education curator at the Bates College Museum of Art, talks about the mission of the museum with Eddies Echo reporter Abdi Jibril.

Boba: A Local Infusion of Flavor

by Maureen Brann, ’18 and Alina Laliberte, ’21

Boba was founded by Zach Pratt, a graduate of the Green Ladle Culinary Program, and his life partner, Keshia Thanephonesy. Boba’s menu is a blend of both of their family origins, spanning from Southeast Asian to Franco-American cuisine. Since its founding in 2015, Boba has added many vegetarian and gluten free options to their menu to make it more inclusive of those with dietary restrictions. Some of their most popular menu items are Pho, Dumplings, and many different flavors of bubble tea.


Echo Games Review #1 Megaman!

by Tristan Lane, ’18

Welcome to the Echo Games review. In honor of Megaman 11 coming out later this year, I’m going to talk about the original Megaman series, one of my personal favorite game franchises. As an example of how popular Megaman has become, within 30 years since the original game, there are 103 games released, including spin-offs. The only series with more games than him is Mario. 

Trove Rocks the Sunanna Fest

by Alina Laliberte, ’21

Trove, the new band by former Vanna frontman Davey Muise, recently performed at the Sunaana Fest. Muise came to Edward Little High School in 2015, giving an inspirational speech to students about achieving their dreams and dealing with the stresses and struggles of youth.

The Pulse: New Year, New Resolutions

By Maureen Brann, ’18

EL students and staff recently shared their New Year’s resolutions with The Eddies Echo.

The Pulse

Todays question is “As a senior, how do you plan on spending your last April break as a high school student?”

The Pulse

What would you like to see in a new school building?

United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals

By Avery Goulding, ’19

On September 25th, 2015, the countries involved in the United Sustainable Development initiative adopted a set of goals directed at ending poverty, reducing inequalities, increasing gender equality, and 14 other objectives. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.15.06 PM

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals web site lists the 17 aspirational “Global Goals.”

One goal of interest to students would be goal four, labeled “quality education.” According to its description, “Goal four ensures inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.” Looking at the option ‘Goal 4 Targets,’ it states a priority to build and upgrade educational facilities that are child, disability and gender sensitive and provide safe, nonviolent, inclusive and effective learning environments for all.

The United Nations works in partners with UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), and UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities), sharing specifically the concept of creating a safer environment for children primarily in more ‘conflict affected areas’ in order for these kids to learn safely and correctly.

Bridge Program Connects High School to College

By Hannah Stauffer, ’17

The Bridge Program, a recent addition to Edward Little High School, allows juniors and seniors to take college courses in English, history, science, and math. The program allows students to earn college credit before graduating high school, giving them a jump-start on their post-high school goals.